Best Fashion Tips for Short Women

According to the experts, the average height for women in the USA is about 5’4″. If you are shorter than this average height, chances are that you face many challenges when it comes to shopping for clothes. The experts at prettylittlething are here to help you achieve a flattering and elegant style by following a few of these simple fashion tips.

If you are a petite woman, wide pants are the enemy. Instead, you should be choosing pants that are flat-fronted, tailored, and straight-legged, because these will make your legs appear longer. Your hemline should reach the bottom of your heel and the waist should be sitting just below your belly button. Choose fabrics that are soft and drape well, and avoid anything with pleats, as this will give you a smooth look. Avoid pants that are baggy and the low waistbands- these will add some width to your body, making you appear “dumpy.”

When it comes to dresses, these are perfect for women that are petite because one color from your shoulders down to your knees will make you appear taller. Make sure that you choose styles that bring attention to your legs instead of your torso. Avoid the drop-waist dresses and instead wear shift dresses with hemlines that stop just above your knees. Another great option is the empire-waist dresses, as well as halter-style, strapless, strappy, or one-shoulder styles. Avoid anything that may be too “girly” and stay away from the large prints. When it comes to skirts, choose pencil skirts.


Finally, if you want to add some length to your body, choose shirts/tops that are slim-fit or V-neck. Avoid tops in colors that will not blend well with your bottom half. Avoid sloppy tops or crop tops. Jackets should be structured with slim sleeves and end at your hips. Avoid anything that is bulky or boxy. Coats should be knee-length, slim-fitting, and single breasted. Avoid anything that is too long or has rounded collars or large buttons.